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Licensed Funeral Director?


A Licensed Professional Funeral Director Provides...

Complete, Reliable Information
For generations, licensed professional funeral directors have been invaluable resources to families in need. Licensed funeral directors provide:

  •    Professional Advice
  •    Professional Service
  •    Professional Accountability

They are listeners and counselors, tribute planners and crisis managers. Based on information you share about your wishes and details about your loved one, funeral directors can offer guidance and help you coordinate a very personal tribute to honor the life of your loved one.

A Licensed funeral director can guide you through planning the service; complete necessary paperwork; and coordinate doctors, clergy, florists, newspapers and other vendors to make your funeral experience as smooth as possible.

By acting as an experienced source for support and guidance, a professional, ethical funeral director can provide you with relief during one of your greatest times of need.

Consumer Protection

  • In Pennsylvania, only a licensed funeral director can make funeral arrangements, offer to enter into contracts for funeral services, contract for funeral services and make financial arrangements for the rendering of such services.
  • 100% of all the monies must be kept in trust or escrow in your name until the services are provided, when you pre-finance through a licensed funeral director.
  • Make sure that the contract is completely transportable, in case you move or desire to change provider.