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What others are saying.....

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the families who have entrusted Hoffman Funeral Home & Cremation Services to provide professional and caring services during such difficult and emotional times.

Below, you will find hundreds of the kind and humbling comments from individuals who have graciously described their recent experiences with us.  We hope this will provide some insight to those who are considering our services.



I wanted to thank each of you for all your kindness you have shown our family over the years.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for your amazing care and compassion during all these difficult times.  Joe, thank you for taking the time to come to the house to help Wayne with his prearrangements.  You put him and my mom at ease knowing that everything would be done according to his wishes.  Also, thank you for helping my mom when Matt passed away.  Allowing her to pay you a few weeks later after the funeral was just an amazing kind gesture.  Also, you have brought up amazing men who are filled with such kindness.  Chris, thank you for your gentle kind spirit towards my mom the night Wayne passed.  A truly difficult time was eased by your compassion.  Jeff, thank you for taking the time for making Wayne look his best.  He truly looked amazing.  Thank you all again for everything!  Blessings. 
-Chrissy Kozak Cline


Thank you all so much for everything.  You all did a beautiful job.  Wayne is at peace but we miss him.  God bless you all.
-Jim, Darla and family (Charles Borelle family)


Thank you for your help and kindness to us.  We are all grateful.
-Nancy Horner


Thank you for your kindness and caring service to us.
-Doris Shaffer and family


The Hoffmans always go above and beyond.  We had them for my mom, now my sister and they were great. 
-Annie Matkoskey


Everything was perfect.  The way I expected from you Joe and your boys. 
-Frank Smith


The viewing and service provided by the Hoffman family have us great comfort and strength during the death of our mother and grandmother.  Excellent service. 
-Joanne Ravenscraft


Thank you for everything you did when my sweet father passed away.  You handled every detail with not only professionalism, but with such grace and kindness.  My father would’ve been so proud and honored by the military service you organized at the grave site.  Thank you for that!  The last few months of dad’s life were not good for him as he began to suffer and lose so much weight.  I was against a viewing, but must admit, you made him look like my dad again.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me, my mom and sister!  What a blessing you all were.  Thank you really isn’t adequate to express how incredibly grateful my family was for everything you did!  You definitely helped us find some light in one of the darkest times of our lives.  May God bless each of you and your families.
-Barb Moyer and the Jesse L. Shroyer family


Thank you for your service to countless numbers of people through the years to people walking through times of loss.  Thank you for your service and support to our family.  You provided for the care and burial of many of our family members over the years.
-Rick Saylor


I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  You’re very kind.
-Ruby Sarver


Thank you for sending this beautiful celebration candle for my loving father.  It has brought a very calming effect to me and the home.  I have placed it on the coffee table in the living room where he watched sports, Bonanza and news programs and near the basket of plants from the funeral.  Thanks again.
-Pat Costantino


Thanks for the beautiful funeral service.  She looked really great.  I appreciate all that you have done for me and my family.  May God bless you all.
-Doug Ewing


Thank you so much for the Christmas Remembrance Service.  I appreciate the candle and will always treasure it.  Blessings to you.
-June Yoder


The very thoughtful Christmas memorial remembrance brought us both sadness and joy at the same time.  This will be our second Christmas without mom and we have struggled to continue on with our family traditions, but we also know that that's what our mom would want us to do.  So we thank you for having this very uplifting memorial service.  It has given us much comfort and peace!  Merry Christmas.
-The Mary Jane Orlandi family


Thank you so much for all your help and care of dad.  Your choices were perfect on the whole service.
-The Lewis Neri family


We'd like to thank you for compassionately taking care of every detail for our mother's funeral and burial.  The quality of your care is outstanding.  Thank you so much for everything.
-Beth Good


I don't know how we would have gotten through Toby's funeral without all of you.  Knowing he was with family helped so much.  I think we all appreciate now more than ever the difficult job you do everyday. 
-Roger & Nancy Stern


We would like to send our sincere thanks to all of you for everything you've done to support our family.  From the start we knew that Toby was safe and had the best care possible with all of you. 
-Dan & Katie Stern


I just want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job in helping my brother and myself with the funeral arrangements for our dear mother.  We also want to say thank you to the rest of your staff for their professionalism.  We really appreciate all that you did to help everything run smoothly.  God Bless.
-Susan Roseman & Daniel Krope


Your online service is very good.  Very glad to see that you take the time to make it possible to connect.
-Bob Reed


Thank you so much for helping us with the insurance.  The family is also grateful that mom chose you to handle the final preparations for her interment.  God bless you.
-Dean Naugle


Thank you so much for your kindness and caring for our family.  We are deeply grateful to all of you. Isabelle looked so beautiful.  Your compassion will always be remembered.  God blessings always. 
-Isabelle Valentine and family


You and your staff made this difficult time easier for me and my family.  Thank you.
-Nancy Krumbine

Thank you again for your caring help with the arrangements, especially the service with Jay.  It meant so much to me.
-Joan (Nymick) Winovich


Thank you for your kindness and services you rendered during our loss of Ernie.  It was much appreciated.
-The Alwine family


Now that the new year has arrived I wanted to write you and express to you that I believe the service you do with a remembrance service at Christmas time is one of the most thoughtful and meaningful services I have experienced.  Too often those who are mourning are overlooked at the holidays unless the death happens close to the holiday.  Those who are still grieving after months are left feeling there is something wrong with them while everyone around them are joyfully celebrating.  I hope and pray this is a service that you will continue for many years to come.  May God richly bless you throughout 2016 as you faithfully serve Him in your vocation.
-Rev. Nila Cogan


We want you to know that we were very pleased with your excellent handling of our dear mother's funeral.  You made everything go smoothly in spite of our very large family.  Thank you for getting us through our sad time by being there for us.  Best wishes and happy holidays to all of you.
-The Mary Pelesky family


Thank you for your kindness and service in our loss.
-Tom Singo and family


Thank you so much for your wonderful Christmas memorial service.  Very emotional and perfect timing.  Keep up the good work.  Merry Christmas.
-Larry and Susan Pearce


I'm writing this note with a heavy heart but much appreciation and gratitude for all the assistance, kindness, compassion and most importantly your professionalism you extended to Georgiann, myself and our family during our dear mother's passing.  You and your staff treated us like family with much warmth, support and guidance during a time when it was most needed.  My mother always prided herself in her impeccable appearance and you did your very best in making her look as beautiful as we always remember her to look...peaceful and elegant.  You all are truly gifted in a profession that is unique and one that calls for your special individual qualities.  We feel so fortunate to have such a loved and compassionate funeral home in Boswell!  Our deepest heartfelt thanks. 
-Georgiann and Reggie (Orlandi)


I want to thank you for letting me come to the candle lighting service.  It was beautiful and the best service I've ever been to.  Everyone that spoke just seemed to say the right words for the sensitive situation.  I really needed to hear those words more than you know.  I'm so glad I was there.  I liked how you put Arnie's picture up on the big screen.  I loved the Christmas poem and I love the candle I got to take home.  You really went above and beyond.  Thank you so much!!!  From my heart.
-Ima Thomas


Thank you for all your kindness to our family.
-Jan Burns & Bernice Sarver (Robert Boyer family)


Thank you so much for helping us through this difficult time.  Everything was perfect.  My dad would have been pleased!
-Nancy Thomas (Paul Shaulis family)


Thank you for all your kindness.
-Shirley Vinosky (Russell Shroyer family)


I was very pleased with the service, a very caring and personal atmosphere.
-Debra Phillippi (For Mary Lee Sheftic)


Sincere thanks for the service you performed at Mom's funeral this past week.  From the moment we walked through the doors until the doves flew out of view...everything was perfect.  Your patience with the large family was muchly appreciated as I think I relayed to you and your dad (as he held the door for stragglers later than usual Monday evening). Above and beyond for sure.  That's where the benefit of family run plays into the funeral business.  The service you offered the family from start to finish was most professional and muchly appreciated.  
-Phyllis and Larry Tresnicky


Your sympathy, compassion and understanding really helped get us through our most difficult time during the week of Jason's death.
-Bubs and Ondrea Jones


Thank you Hoffman Funeral Home for the wonderful job on our mother Lavonne St Clair.
-Ron & Diane St Clair


A heart felt thanks for everything you have done for me and my family as we sent mom home to heaven.  We are very thankful to have such good friends.
-Dave & Amy Fisher & families


Thank you for the meaningful Christmas Remembrance.  It truly meant a lot to those of us who hae lost beloved family members.  Your compassion and understanding is appreciated.  God Bless.
-Joyce Gindlesperger


The Christmas memorial service was very meaningful and appreciated.  Thank you.
-Mary Jane, Dale and Bonnie Lape


Just a note to say thank you for my invitation to the Christmas memorial service for my husband Kenneth.  I found the service and connection with the other people present meaningful and inspiring.  I love the candle and will use it to remember him on special times like Christmas, birthdays or when I miss him a lot.  May your journeys through these holidays and 2015 be filled with hope, faith and love.
-Eileen Heffley


Joe and I would like to thank you for the beautiful remembrance service.  It touched both of our hearts and just wanted to express our gratitude.  May you have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.
-Carol Shaulis and Joe Vinisky


Thank you for having the Christmas Remembrance Service for my mother Kathryn Orkis.  It meant a lot to me.  Thank you, also, for the beautiful candle.  I appreciate it very much.
-Donna Orkis Shull


Thanks for your guidance.  It was very helpful to me.
-Georgia Hemminger


Thank you for all you did for us.
-Jeff Lybarger


Thank you for all your help and compassion you showed to us.  It made a time like this a little easier to get through. 
-Dwynell Boyer


Thank you for your great service!
-Mark Yoder


Thanking you for your kindness and support during the loss of our precious wife and mother.  We were completely in awe of how acutely beautiful mom was presented to us by your funeral home.
-The Nancy Yoder family


Thanks so much for all you have done to make my mother's graveside service as she wished.  It was beautiful yet simple.  And with her and my brother's urns next to each other, it was a fitting way for them to be with each other forever.  Again, thank you.
-Florence Davenport


Thank you for your service for Walter Dedik's funeral.
-Virginia Ference


Thank you.  The staff was very professional.
-Dawn Maluchnick


We appreciated the value added service in treating us as friends.
-Yvonne Scott


Thank you for your kind and gentle assistance in helping me with my arrangements for Ken.
-Eileen Heffley


Thank you so much for your service and attention to Aunt Marion's funeral.  Everything was so nice - just as she would have wanted.  Thanks.
-Anita Krupa


Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
-The Bitsko family


Thank you for making our loss much easier.  You have been kind and helpful.
-Angie Sloan & family


A sincere thank you for the wonderful services you provided in the loss of our mothers.  They both went through so much at the end and they both looked so beautiful.  It's so true you really don't know what someone is going through until you have the same experience.  God bless you and your families. 
-The Folton and Maurer families


Thanks so much for all your help and patience.
-Florence Davenport

Thank you so much from the entire family.  The funeral was lovely and your help was greatly appreciated.  So many people complimented the service, the facilities and all of you.
-Kay Yeager


Thank you so much for the care and guidance during my mother's passing.  Everything, even the very last minute changes, were handled with respect and professionalism.  You provide a gentle, greatly needed service to the Davidsville community.  Best wishes as you carry on your ministry to those in need.  Thanks again.
-Karen Eash


Thank you for all your help during this difficult time.  You are very compassionate and respectful of our needs.  We appreciate all you've done.  Thank you.
-Carol Moskey & family


I think that your website is wonderful,especially now that I am living out of state. You are a credit to your community. Keep up the good work!
-Dorothy Shandor


Joe and I were very pleased at what a great job you did.  We appreciated your work.
-Carol Shaulis


As always, everything was as beautiful and perfect as could be.  Thanks for all your help and wonderful service. None can compete as far as I'm concerned. 
-Mikey Shaulis


Thank you for all of your help with my mom's funeral service and preparations.  Everything was how she would have liked it.  You did a great job.
-Donna Orkis Shull


I wanted to thank you for the care you showed to my grandmother, Kathryn Orkis and my mother, Donna Shull from the time we first met with you a few years ago to my "Bubba's" recent funeral.  Your kindness and assistance made the process much more bearable.  Thank you for the work you do and the manner in which you do it. 
-Melissa Reckner


Thank you for the beautiful Christmas memorial service you presented in honor of those we have seen pass on this year.  It's hard to say good-bye, but the memories that remain with us are priceless.  Again, everything was perfect.  Thank you for caring.
-Larry & Mae Miller


Thank you for having the Christmas service for us who lost loved ones.  It was kind and thoughtful of you. 
-Dorothy "Jane" St.Clair


I continue to be most impressed with your services after Bob died February 9th, soon a year already.  There was no stone left unturned in preparation for the viewing and funeral.  All my many questions were answered with courtesy, kindness and professionalism.  The Christmas Remembrance Service was low key and handled with grace.  I refer to the booklet offered there many times and I loved the idea of the box in which to store keepsakes.  I decided to pass on treasured wooden boxes owned by Bob's parents and mine.  They'll be Christmas gifts with great meaning for our kids. Thanks to all the Hoffman's for your many kindnesses.
-Phyllis Koshewitz


Thank you for your professional compassionate care of Dad.
-Janet Walter


Thank you so much for everything you have done.
-Bonnie Reedy


On behalf of our family, I would like to thank you for the care you took in making sure that every detail was taken care of for us.  The visitations were comforting and the space was beautiful.  Everything was highly organized and compassionate.  Thank you for every kindness.
-Beth Good


We are forever greatful for all you have done for our family, for your kind words of comfort and prayers.  To you, Joe, for all the years we have known you, you still know exactly what to say to those you know need comfort.  A class act you are and a special man indeed.  The Hoffman Boys are a "Class Act"!  God bless you all. 
-Elaine Finui, Herb Stern and family


We would like to thank you so much for the beautiful job on everything you did for mom's funeral.  Thank you for all for your caring ways.  Thank you for not only going past the house but also for taking a moment to pause there.  Thank you also for letting us bring food in and using the room.  Everything was beautiful and wonderful, not only the funeral for her but also what you did for her son Tom.  And a special thanks to you and your helpers.  Everything was done to perfection!!
-The Florence Borosky family


On behalf of our family, thank you for the love and care you have given to us.  Thank you too for the generous donation to the Mike Zuchelli Fund and the York Children's Foundation.  Although this has been a very difficult time, I'm thankful that you were here for us and especially for Mike.
-Barb, Olivia and Andy Zuchelli


Thank you so much for all the special attention you gave me in planning and organizing Jim's funeral!  As I told you, I'm sure he would have been pleased with all!  Everything was just perfect. 
-Janet Lee Hay


Thank you for the professional services regarding Nick.  Also appreciated was a note from the York Children's Foundation about a donation in Nick's memory made possible by Matthews Casket adn Hoffman Funeral Home.  On behalf of Rich, thanks again.
-Wanda Kingera


Thanks for the good service.
-Dennis Knupp


A special note of thanks to you for all your special help.
-The Stemmler family


Thank you for your care and professionalism.  I've been to a lot of places and your family's legacy and expertise match anyone anywhere.
-Joe Phillips


Thank you very much for taking the time to be a part of the "Get Ready Series".  We heard many comments from the people of how informative and helpful you are.  We appreciate your ministry. 
-Pastor Wes Yoder


Thank you once again for the kindness that you have shown to the Ralph Miller family at the passing of our dad.  We received so many wonderful compliments on how well he looked.  Also the great advice and helping us in planning his funeral and the added paper work in cancelling his benefits.  We greatly appreciate everything that you all have done.  God bless you all.  
-Larry and Mae Miller


Thank you for everything you have done for us.
-The Beeman family


Thank you for everything that you all did to make the final arrangements for Florence Miller's funeral.  You were all very kind and thoughtful.  She looked so beautiful and 20 years younger.  Had so many great compliments.  Your kindness and help will long be remembered.  God Bless and thank you.
-Larry & Mae Miller


Thank you.  Mom's funeral was beautiful.  We sincerely appreciated everything. 
-The Rose Kowalczyk family


Thank you again.  You all helped us through a very difficult time.  Dad would be happy. 
-Joe Darrigo


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to express my thanks for all your efforts.  The memorial service last weekend went great.  The flowers around the urn were super.  Numerous people commented that they had never seen an arrangement like that before and just how well it pulled things together.  Thanks again.
-Larry Brown


Thank you for all of the extra help and effort during Helen McKelvey's passing in August.  It touched our hearts deeply. 
-The Dan Sheeler & Steve Diehl families


I want to thank you for the beautiful Christmas memorial service.  My family and I really appreciated it.  It was really helpful and a blessing.  God bless you!
-Delores Shaffer


-I would like to thank you so much for including us in the Christmas Remembrance Service.  I really needed to hear what Penny said.  Pastor Yoder's message also gave me comfort.  Thank you for the candle, it is beautiful.  God Bless you. 
-Tracey & Tanner MacDonald


Thank you so much for all of your help with dad's funeral.   Everything was beautiful and handled very professionally.  Having never dealt with arranging a funeral before, you made it very easy.  The website is great.  The facility is great as well.  Once again, thank you all!
-Robin Crislip and the Frank Jodlowski family


The entire Mash family wish to thank all of you for the sincere kindness and graciousness in the loss of my mom.  Your professionalism was outstanding.  Death is not easy at any age, but your help was greatly appreciated.  So thanks again.
-The Julia Mash family


Thank you for all you've done.  A great job.  God bless you.
-The Michael Hadaba family


Thank you for being so helpful and kind to our family.  Everything was so beautiful.
-Fran Badaczewski


Thanks for everything.
-Marie Skasko


Thank you for all of your help and prayerful support at this difficult time.  Your many kindnesses touched our hearts and were greatly appreciated.  Each detail was handled with compassion and organization which helped to make everything run smoothly.  May God bless you.
-The Pauline Kowalczyk family


We really appreciate all you have done for us and our family.
-The Miltenberger family


Thank you and your family for all that you did for us and our George during this sad time.  I really appreciate your professionalism during the funeral and also when you returned his ashes to me.  George always was very fond of your family and we are so grateful that you cared for him with such respect.  Thank you very much.
-Anita Krupa


We were very pleased with your services.  Thank you so much!
-Jo Ann Duray


I was extremely pleased with the way the planning, viewing, and funeral services were handled.  We have always had the most outstanding service with a very caring and professional staff as all the members of my family have been laid to rest at your funeral homes. I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the most recent experience I have had with my mothers passing.  She looked like a beautiful angel, resting peacefully, almost like she never had the devastating Alzheimer's disease that ultimately led to her death.  That is exactly how I hoped everyone would remember her before she was sick.  I know that my mother would have been so happy to know that she looked so beautiful and healthy as she was laid to rest. Thank you for taking the time you all did to go above and beyond in making this difficult time for us so much more bearable.
-Lou Ann (Campbell) Stephenson

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on Chris.
-Tammy Tressler


Our family wants to thank you for the very professional, dignified service you and your family provided for Leon and for being willing to work through the unusual arrangements.  Your compassionate attention to every detail was appreciated.  God bless you as you serve our community.
-Kathy Thomas and family


Thank you for your professionalism and compassion during a very difficult time for myself, Tim, Amy and all our family. 
-Bill Gavel


Thankfully, I've not personally needed your services.  But it seems over the past several years I've visited families and loved ones who have required the care and expertise of Hoffman Funeral Homes.  I thank you for your exceptional services and going the distance to accommodate the needs of those that truly need such care.  God bless you for being an essential part of the community you serve.
-Email from Mary


Thank you for the beautiful Christmas memorial service.  The messages from Penny and Pastor Yoder were so comforting.  We appreciate the wonderful candle and thoughtfulness. 
-Delores Shaulis & Family


Thank you very much for the beautiful Christmas celebration for our departed loved ones and the lovely candle.  It was so kind of you and deeply appreciated.  God bless you.
-Rena Hainsey


Thank you for your services and help through this difficult time.  It was deeply appreciated.
-Stan Cotchen


Thank you for making our mom look so beautiful - and for your kindness.  Also, for your donation to the church in mom's memory.
-The Anne Wozniak Family


Thank you for everything you did for us during this difficult time.
-The Andy Mayak Family


Our family would like to express our thanks to the staff at the funeral home.  We were well pleased with the job you did on our father and deeply appreciate the time and effort that you put in.
-The Eugene Geisweidt Family


Thanks so much for all you have done for us in our time of sorrow and for your wonderful services.
-The Delfert Family


Thanks for all your help with my mother's arrangements.  It is much appreciated!!
-George Hargroves


We truly believe that Hoffman Funeral Home directors are like family.  You make it so pleasant and always have time to talk and explain everything.  Thank you all for the professional care and taking care of all our wishes for my mom's funeral.
-Mary Shelko and the Lepley family


Thanks to each of the Hoffman family.  I'm sure you knew the situation and you treated all of us with understanding and in a very dignified manner.  I would recommend your funeral home to anyone.  Joe you can be so proud of your boys.  God Bless.
-Ann Yoder


Thank you for a job well done.
-Tiny Brown


Thanks for coordinating all the arrangements out of our confusion and indecisiveness.  Your calmness gave a feeling of security in all of us.  Your efficiency and thoroughness lessened our worries about details.  Thanks!
-The Ruth Shetler Family


Thanks for everything and being so helpful and understanding.
-The Bruno Policicchio Family


Thank you all for the kindness and help you gave our family during my mother's passing.  You gave up part of your Christmas day to comfort us on Mom's passing.  The work you did was so beautiful when I saw mom I could see her years ago when she was well.  I have not seen her look as she did that day in several years.  She was so beautiful as before her suffering began.  Thanks.
- Janice Frazier


Thank you very much for your kindness and understanding during our loss.  Michael would have been proud.  We appreciate all you did to help us during this terrible time.  God bless you.
-David and Lynn Lubinsky


I want to thank you for the invitation to your Christmas memorial service.  That was very thoughtful and kind of you.  So sorry at the last minute I found out I could not attend.  I thank you for the beautiful candle with Frank's picture.  So nice to see his smile and watching me.   That is a very nice gift.  I sure appreciate it.  Thank you.
-Ethel Stern


On behalf of Ethel Maldet's family, Dave and I would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful work you did to make Ethel's funeral a memorable moment.  We also had many people express their compliments to the family.  Thank you and may God bless you.
-Dave and Dolores Maldet


On behalf of our entire family--Thank you!  Your efforts were above and beyond from beginning to end.  You all took the time to make things come off smoothly despite your own loss around the same time.  We all feel that you are just a part of our extended family.  The memories of this experience have made it much easier to accept.  Again, thank you. 
-Bruno, Alicia Mario DeLuca and family

Thank you for all you have done since Dorsey's passing.  Your thoughtfulness has meant a lot to the family.
-Joyce Thomas


Thanks to all of you for the good job you did.  We were very pleased with everything.  You guys are the best.
-The Mary Ellen Ravenscraft family


You guys are simply amazing.  Dad actually looked like my dad again.  You are truly artists.  I will always be here for you guys just as you are there for everyone else.  The whole family was so pleased about everything.
-Peggy Donia


Thank you for all you did to help with Michael's passing.  You were all kind and comforting.  Our lives will never be the same.  In God's love.
-Dave & Lynn Lubinsky


Thank you for all your help and kindness.
-The Arthur Gisbrecht Family


Dan and I want to thank you all for your kindness, concern and compassion during our grandson Michael Lubinsky's services.  Everything went beautifully, the viewing, the church and at the grave site.  You made it all a little bit easier for all my family.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.  Thank you for all your patience and kindness during our time of sorrow.  God Bless you.
-Jane & Dan Helsel


I need to tell you how much your kindness and the services you provided to our family during this time of loss meant to us.  There are so many responsibilities to be addressed at this time and what you provide to families just lifts so much of the worries from our shoulders.  I want to thank you so very much for this.  Gentlemen are rare these days.  Thank you for being the men that you are and for all that you do.
-Denise Gavel & Family


Thank you for your thoughtfulness and and your sincerity.  We appreciate everything.
-The Rypczyk Family


Thank you for making a difficult time easier.  Your concern for my health and comfort was appreciated. 
-Dorothy Reffner


Thank you very much for helping to plan everything and letting us get through this.
-The Retassie Family


Everything was perfect!  I think she would have been very pleased.
-Judy Merritt


It is hard to express the comforting feelings you and your staff provided us while our dad was in your care.  Your professionalism and caring attitude throughout all of the contact with you made the whole unpleasant process easier to handle.  We truly appreciate your kindness.
-The Shetler Families


We want you to know we are very happy we chose you to take care of our funeral for Frank.  You did a very good job in the display room, helping us with no pressure.  I was so pleased at the first viewing when I stepped into the room and saw how wonderful Frank looked in the casket and the flowers were beautiful.  That was so comforting and pleasing to us all.  And the whole service was handled wonderfully.
-Ethel Stern


Thank you all for everything you did for our father's funeral.  When we walked in that evening and saw how wonderful he looked it made our mother feel so much better and that grin on his face - WOW!  (I know he would have been pleased too.)  Also, thank you for all your help, suggestions and putting up with all our little extras.  And of course, that final touch - the school bus leading him in his final trip - you made that grin even bigger!  Thanks again so much.  We certainly appreciate all you have done for us in making this difficult time so much easier on us.
-The Bill Johnson Family


Thank you for all the help and kind words offered to our family during such a difficult time.  We want to thank everyone who assisted in any way with our mother's viewing and service.  You all did a wonderful job.  We were all very pleased with the services you provided. 
-The Family of Naomi Blough


Thank you for your services at this difficult time.  With deep appreciation.
-Flora Mae Novak and Family


It is with deep emotion that I am writing this to you today thanking you for all that you did for our family at such a difficult time in our lives.  I am so very impressed with the way everything was handled, with so much compassion and caring and you were so knowledgeable to tell us what needed to be done and guided us through so effortlessly.  We appreciate you allowing us to make decisions in our own time, no rush or pressure.  Our family will be forever grateful for all that you did for us.  Dad is at peace with his Lord and Savior now.  Also, you have a beautiful facility there in Davidsville, nicer than any I have ever been in.
-The Frank Stern Family


We just wanted to say thank you for the terrific job you did on our dad.  He looked like he did before he went through what he did.  A lot of people said he looked like he was going to sit up and start talking to them.  Thanks again for a wonderful job.
-The Charlie Gilbert Family


Thank you and your staff for everything.  I was very pleased.  Teenie was so gentle, kind and truly good.  She deserved the best and I believe she received it! 
-JoAnn Martnishn


The things you do have a wonderful touch.  Thanks for all you've done in our time of need.
-The Family of Sara Gary


I would like to thank you for the wonderful job and all the help that you gave us.  Many comments were made about what a wonderful job you did with Dad.  He looked just like himself before he became sick.  Again, thank you very much.
-The Oden Shumaker Family


I would like to thank you all for such a wonderful way you served my dad and all the family.
-Diane Lehman and the Ernest Jerin Family


Thank you all for everything.
-The Helen Blucas Family


Thank you for making things a lot easier than I thought they would be.
-Kathy Kimmick and family


We want to express our deepest gratitude for the most beautiful service.  Clara looked simply beautiful and at peace.
-Leroy and Gloria Hemminger


Thank you all for your professionalism and understanding at this very difficult time.  With sincere thanks.
-The Bev Yoder Family


We wish to express how grateful we are for all your help and kindness during our recent loss of our beloved wife and mother, Joan Naugle.  As we look back we see her service was exactly as she would have wished.  Once again our many thanks.
-Floyd Naugle & Family


I wish I were writing this under different circumstances but words cannot express how thankful we are for such a beautiful funeral.  Your professionalism and compassion will always be remembered.  I'm sure Andy looking down was honored to have such a beautiful funeral and such a great  turn out.  Please thank anyone involved with the services you all provided him.
-The family of Andrew Poznanski, Jr.


First of all, on behalf of our entire family I would like to express our warmest thank you for the special care that was taken during mother's funeral and related events.  So many positive comments have been made to me about the attention that was given to every detail.  At such a sad and traumatic time having to cope with arrangements seemed overwhelming, however, the way in which we were supported and provided guidance made the task at hand much easier.  Now to have received correspondence that you have made a donation, in mother's name to the York Children's Foundation is yet another example of your caring approach in all that you do.
-Lois A. Bender-Castro (The Lois Sheftic Family)


Your services were all that we hoped to have and more.  Thank you so very much.  Our wife/mother will be remembered as her beautiful self - truly a lady - because of your efforts.  We were pleased with all that your Davidsville Funeral Home provided.  God Bless you all.
-The Ann Boback Familly


Your services were very well done, as always.  Thank you.
-The Robert L. Gracie Family


Thank you for making things as easy as possible in our time of sorrow.
-The Myers children


I'd like to thank you for everything you did for my family during the recent loss of Caleb.  You made this unexpected hardship much easier to deal with.  I know you did more than what was expected or  necessary.  You helped make our decisions easier, made us feel comfortable and let Nikki have her needs met.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and compassion.
-Dot Stevens Family


Thanks very much for the way you took care of Bill.  You all did a very good job. He looked so good.
-Elizabeth Fleegle


Words cannot really express our gratitude for such a beautiful final tribute to our mother.  Your special care and handling of all aspects made everything so easy.  You did an outstanding job on the preparation.  This made it a lot easier to bid farewell.  Again, thank you.
-Kathryn Eash Family


Thank you for all you've done for our family in our time of loss.  You made things run very smoothly, which was one less thing for us to worry about. Thank you.
-Christine Egal


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your card and caring words.  They really meant a lot to me.  Your sons couldn't have treated us any nicer.  They tried to make everything just perfect and they really did too!  We are very grateful for all of you.  Many thanks.
-Helen Ogline


I wish to express to you my sincere appreciation.  You did a beautiful job with Jim.  The service you performed was exceptional.  You are all very dear friends of mine and hold a special place in my heart.  May God bless you all.
-Anna Marie Sowerbrower


My experience in these matters is very limited--as is that of most folks; but, we were very satisfied with the manner in which mom's funeral was conducted and her appearance for the viewing.  I was very surprised because her deterioration was so obvious from day to day before her passing.  Thank you and your staff.
-Dwane Yoder


Thank you for your professionalism and compassion during my father's funeral arrangements.  My mother and family are grateful for your sympathy.
-The Albert Singo family


I want to thank you all for the wonderful and professional services you have provided for us.  This, of course, is why we always come "back home".
-Robert L. Lohr


I shall never forget the kindness you gave to all of us and the greatest degree of respect you gave to my mother.  All of you helped to get us through a very difficult time, when sorrow seemed to cloud all our senses of knowing what to do or what is proper.  You guided us gently and patiently.  I can personally never forget your help at arranging the funeral service at St. Andrew's.  It was a kindness befitting her, my mother's, last moments with all of us.  St. Andrew's people treated us as the Christians they truly are.  We are slowly getting back to our daily chores in life...with a big vacant spot.  She was so present in our every day life.  I will very much miss my mother but life goes on.  Thank you all again.
-Annabelle Savage


Your kindness in helping families reflects your caring spirit.  Thank you.
-Geraldine Kay


Thanks so much for your kindness during our loss of Tom. You truly make a difficult time much easier.
-Wilma Bitsko


We can't thank you guys enough for everything you did for our family through this tragedy.  Everything was beautiful.  Words can't express our gratitude.  With all our love.
-Martin & Beverly Blough


Words can't express our thanks to all of you for the wonderful care and compassion given to the family and to Blair.  This is never an easy time but you offered your compassion to make things easier.  You were professional but caring and did so much for the family. We truly appreciate all that you did!
-Blair Stevens Family


Thank you so much for all you have done for us.  It was well done.
-Leona Ickes


My brothers and I would like to thank you for making a sad and stressful time more bearable.  Your warmth and kindness was appreciated.  You and your family have always been good friends and neighbors and we thank you very much.
-Karen Caola-Keiser & family


My family and I want to thank you for all you did and the personal attention you gave for David's funeral.  I know he would be very pleased with all the arrangements.  Thanks for coming to Allentown and making sure everything was in order.  David was one who wanted everything to be done right, and it certainly was!
-Carolyn Volk


Thank you for your kindness, patience and guidance through this difficult time.  You did an excellent job considering the situation.  The family appreciates all the work you did in organizing the service.  You always do a wonderful job.  Thank you again.
-The Robert Charley family


Thank you very much for your kind and very professional services on behalf of my Mother, Dolores M. Flanigan.  Please compliment your entire staff on their highly professional manner and service to our family.  It was and is greatly appreciated.
-Timothy Flanigan


Thank you for all your wonderful help and concerns.  Much appreciated from our family.  God bless you and your family.-
-The Mary Lapp family


Thank you for your kindness during our time of sorrow.  God Bless you.
-The Denise Clark family


Thank you very much for the lovely floral arrangement and again thank you for helping us in this time of need.  Very professional, respectful and smooth.
-The Anna Zablotney family


Our note is to let you know how much we appreciate your service over the years.  You're very professional all the while genuine and personal.  You see people at their most vulnerable time and you treat us with kid gloves.  We don't have a Hoffman Funeral Home in our area, how we wish we did.
-Jack & Colette Orlandi


Thank you so much for all the support provided to me and my family since the loss of Rudy.  The information and the visits at the house were very helpful.  Thanks again.
-Josephine Zanoni & family


We were very pleased with your excellent services.  You did an excellent job with John.  We were all very pleased after what we saw in the hospital.  Thank you and God Bless!
-The John Conzatti family


Thank you so much for all you did for us!   You made it all a little easier for us!  We appreciated your kindness and your special words about our mom!  Thank you again and God Bless you and your family.
-Peg Saylor family


Thank you for everything you handled for all the Phillips family-not only in Davidsville but also in Pittsburgh.  Bob would have been happy with all that was done in his honor.  God Bless.
-Alice Phillips


Thank you for making such a difficult time for me so much easier.  Your professionalism goes above and beyond.  You are certainly a credit to your profession and continue to provide the community with the outstanding tradition of your family.
-Anne E. Mantini


We truly wish to thank you for all that you did for dad's funeral.  The only other wish he had other than dying in his sleep was to call you and give him a nice funeral.  My family can't thank you enough.  You did a truly first class job and he would have been thrilled.  I'm so glad that we are friends and relatives.  Thanks again for everything.
-The family of John G. Legarski, Sr.


Words cannot express our gratitude for everything you did for us in our time of need.  You put me at ease and made me feel secure.  You were like a family member helping us all the way.  I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you did.  Thank you so much!
-Vicki Lewis and family


Thank you so much.  As always, your services are done with great care for our family.  We really appreciate your personal attention.
-Sam & Gloria Zambanini


I want to thank you for such a wonderful job and all the caring and understanding on your part during our mom's passing.  All of your hard work made it so much easier for our family to get through this very sad time.  You made her look so beautiful, as if all the pain and suffering she had in the past years just melted away.  Our mom and grandma had the utmost respect for your family and professionalism.
-The Phyllis Tressler family


Thank you so much for handling everything for my mother's funeral so beautifully.  Everything was just as she would have wanted.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  My mother always spoke highly of your parents.
-Nancy Jackson


We wish to express our sincere thanks for your wonderful services at the loss of our mother.  We were very pleased with everything.  Mother looked so nice.  It is painful to have to leave her go, but know she is in a better place.  Thank you.
-The Bowser family


Thank you so much for all you did to help us honor our mother.
-The Jackie McAchren family


Thank you for all your help.  Your kindness and service is greatly appreciated.
-The family Walter Bodziak, Sr.


Thank you for everything you did for us.  You are such a good person and friend to our family.  Thank you.
-Vickie L. Avery


Thank you for the contribution to the York Children's Foundation in memory of our dad Russell Patrick.  Also thanks for your help making his funeral so memorable.
-The Patrick family


The Nikonow family wish to thank you and your staff for the excellent and professional services performed for Helen Nikonow's funeral.  Your personal touch was greatly appreciated.
-The Nikonow family


We all want to thank you for the gracious and sympathetic way in which you handled the funeral of our husband and father.  We appreciate so much the way that you arranged the church so that the viewers were able to move through without interruption.  We estimate that about a thousand people came during the two day visitation.  Thanks for everything.
-The Rev. C.J. Ickes family


Thank you so much for everything you did for may family during the loss of my mother.  I was impressed with your concern and your organization.
-Ruth Updyke-Cameron


Thank you for all the extra things you did for us.  We appreciate it very much!  Thanks!
-Paula & Zack Stutzman


How can we begin to thank you for the wonderful work you do that brings so much comfort to others?  John's viewing and funeral were perfect.  Every step of the way we could feel the compassion and support that makes Hoffman Funeral Homes the best!!  It was amazing to see John look younger than his 87 years.  Thank you for taking care of those many details that required phone calls and paperwork.  We appreciated all of the time and effort you put forth to give John a proper send off.  Most of all, thank you for your smiles and prayerful support that were a source of strength at a difficult time.  We'll never forget it.  May God bless you always. 
-The John Kowalczyk family


Now that our family can move on toward brighter and happier days, we wanted to thank you and your family for everything in taking care of the arrangements for mom and Doris.  As difficult as it was to lose mom, it was devastating to then lose Doris so soon after and then under those terrible conditions.  I can't thank you enough for the guidance, comfort and reassurance you provided me as I worked toward bringing our sister home with her family.  The dignity and respect that you accord our loved ones brings such comfort to us at a time when our whole world is so empty.  Our family is at peace now.  Thank you again for everything.
-The Sopich-O'Connor family


Words cannot express our appreciation for all you have done for us over the last few weeks.  I do not think I have ever been so lost at what to do next!!  Thank you for thinking for us!!
-The Lehman family


You all did a wonderful job with mom's funeral service.  It's obvious that you treat each customer as if they were members of your own family.  We all truly appreciate your kindness and attention to detail. 
-Kristie Augenblick


The generations of caring and comfort you folks provide to families overcome with grief is unrivaled.  For our family it was the first time it was immediate and you led us through the pain with professionalism blended with empathy. 
-Sara Ruth Zwick


I just wanted to thank you for all you did for our family at the time of my dear dad's passing.  Your kindness was above and beyond and we thank you for that.  My father looked so good.  You really did a nice job and I thank you for that also.  I was really impressed for all that you did for my mom.  It makes it just a bit easier at such a difficult time.  Again - thank you for everything.
-Cindy Zwick Donovan


I wanted to thank you so very much for the funeral services you provided for my father.  You made our family feel like part of your family.  God bless you for all of your kindness.
-Tim & Cindi Paugh


On behalf of the entire family, I would like to thank you for your services and understanding in our time of need.  May God bless you and keep you.
-The Robert LaPorte family


My family and I want to thank you for all your help with our loved one.  We appreciated everything you did for us.  Thanks again.
-The Lance Nolf family


Thank you for the kindness you showed us during our loss.  You were so helpful and we truly appreciated everything you did for us.
-Jackie Kimmel and the Genevieve Simmons family


I would like to thank you for your kindness and consideration during this very difficult time.  Your thoughtfulness and assistance will always be remembered. 
-Emma Saula and the Phil Foradori family


Thank you all for making this most difficult time a little less stressful.  As I'm sure it is very hard for all families, we feel especially blown away, but I know it would have been much harder if we didn't have friends in your line of work.  We all felt that everything was arranged perfectly.  The Lord is giving us comfort and we know we will see Carter again as believers of Christ.  Thanks again.
-Tom & Jill Barnick


I tried to find the right card - I couldn't.  I tried to find the right words - I can't.  Please let me try to thank each of you for your professional and loving care that you gave to all of us.
-Dorothy Fleegle and the Telford Fleegle family


Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness during this trying time.  God bless you.
-Ken, Norma and Ricky Coughenour


Thank you for all you did for our family during our distress and great exhaustion over the loss of our dear mother.  It was very comforting to be part of the Mass service and drew us all together, young and old, as the close knit family that we are.  I thank you so much for that. 
-Connie Sheridan


We appreciate the professional attitude and sympathetic concern shown to us during a most difficult time.
-Marie and Michael Skasko


I would not have gotten the thoughtful kindness I received from you in New York.  Thank you for everything.  I was very satisfied.
-Mrs. Julia Lesca


I would like to take this time to sincerely thank all of you for your time, understanding and caring.  You are uniquely special in the way that you are able to make difficult times in people's lives a little more bearable.  Thanks again and God bless all of you.
-Brenda K. Beckner


All of you made this difficult time a little easier for me.  Thank you for being so kind.  You all are such a nice family.
-Cindy Wheatley


Thank you all very much for your kind support.  Everything went very smoothly thanks to all your professionalism.
-Rick & Joyce Adams


We so appreciated what all you did for us.  You were right there on the day.  You helped us think through what we needed too.  You were very sympathetic and comforting.  Thank you.
-Brian & Joyce Roberts


Your caring and helpfulness was appreciated for all you did at our time of sorrow.
-Mary Ann Phillippi & family


We all would like to personally thank you for all of your kind and compassionate words, for your expressions of sympathy, and for making the week of dad's funeral much more bearable for us.  We know that you added a very special, personal and professional touch and we are sincerely grateful to you for that.  We extend our thanks to you and your families.
-The Earl Stern family


Thank you for helping my mother look like she did before she became ill.  This helped our family with closure.  Hope we did not drive you too crazy with our questions.  Also thank you for your support and guidance through the maze of paperwork and decision making at a most difficult time.  You had a great deal of patience and warmth with me and the rest of my family.  You have a difficult, stressful position and you seem to handle it well and with ease.  Thank you again.  Take care with warmest regards.
-The Mary Kozuch family