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Pre-Payment Options

There are a growing number of options available to the public today when seeking to preplan and prepay their final wishes. We can tailor a plan that's right for you. From single pay plans to automatic monthly bank withdrawals designed to meet anyone's budget concerns, our staff would be pleased to outline the choices available. 

Pre-paying can protect you and your family from future inflationary trends while providing the peace of mind of knowing that they will be cared for after you are gone. Below you will find more detailed explanations of the plans that we have available. If you would like to request an appointment after you have reviewed this information, we would be pleased to have one of our staff go over any additional questions you might have.

Pennsylvania law requires that money used for prepaying a funeral must be 100% trusted.  That means you don't actually pay the funeral home when you prepay.  All the money you set aside for your funeral must be placed into a funding mechanism.  There are basically two choices:

More often times than not, life insurance is more advantageous than a bank C.D. - Both will earn interest and grow to help hedge against inflation.  However, depending on the person's age and health, you will be able to buy more coverage initially with life insurance.  Therefore, with a bank C.D., the money is invested dollar for dollar, while with insurance, pennies become dollars instantly.  Life insurance also grows tax free while the interest earned on a C.D. is taxable.  Insurance also allows you to make monthly payments, if you qualify. 

We can help you set up either a trust account or an insurance policy.  We can also help you utilize an existing life insurance policy that you may currently have.  Please click here  "Contact Us" if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.